Being a Birocol Member

Some benefits and networking opportunities

Business & Career Forum

The first edition of the BIROCOL EXSA USA Business & Career Forum was held during the Boston 2017 Convention and was well received. The goal of the Business & Career Forum was to bring great visibility to BIROCOL owned businesses in the USA. The event brought together a wide array of businesses ranging from pharmaceutical, crafts, finance, music and authors.

In 2018, we initiated the Business Pitch and raised $15,000 from private Birocol-Exsa donors for investing in small Birocol-Exsa owned businesses. The review process in currently ongoing and the winner will be announced subsequently. We would like to thank all the Businesses that took part in the Forum and we encourage all those with Businesses to register for the next edition in CHICAGO 2019.

Please register your business for Business and Career Forum 3.0 here

Mentorship Program

Some benefits and networking opportunities



Thanks for visiting this page. Please read the rules for finding a mentor carefully.

The mentorship program is to help you find a mentor in your field of interest, and to help you advance your career goals and grow professionally.

The mentor could help you by providing information, guidance and counselling on steps to take towards advancing your career.

The mentor could equally assist in other aspects such as resume editing, cover letter and statement of purpose writing.


The mentor could equally assist in other aspects such as resume editing, cover letter and statement of purpose writing.

Any attempt to seek financial gain from the mentor will result in automatic removal from the program.


Be respectful of the time and effort of your mentor.

Be open to listen and willing to consider ideas and suggestions from your mentor.

Attempt to summarise your thoughts into questions that will make for meaningful and effective communications.

Conversations with your mentor could be life-changing. For this reason, please invest time upfront to clarify your thoughts as much as possible to get the most out of your mentor.

Create a list of your known strengths and weaknesses



Thank you for accepting to be a mentor. We appreciate your generosity in time and effort to contribute to the career choices and growth of other BIROCOL EXANS.

We created this program to help young BIROCOL EXSANS seeking advice and direction in their careers

The role of the mentor will be to provide information, counselling and advice to others who desire to select, advance or improve their careers.

Please click on the link below to register to be a mentor to a young BIROCOL EXSAN.

You will be connected to someone seeking mentorship in your specialty.

You can reference the rules provided to those seeking mentorship here.


Any former student teacher or member of staff of Bishop Rogan College, Buea is considered an ordinary member of the Association


Any person who is an immediate relative (spouse, father, mother, father-in-law, mother-in-law, step father, step mother, step sister, step brother, uncle, aunt, nephew, niece, and first cousins) of an ordinary member may be admitted as an associate member of the Association.


Any person who has rendered eminent services to the Association or who has distinguished her/himself in pursuing the objectives of the Association and who is not an ordinary member may become an honorary member of the Association upon a decision made by the Association’s Executive Committee.

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